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A warm welcome to visitors, parents and prospective parents to the Kaye's First & Nursery School website.

As Chair of the Governing Body and as a parent I am particularly proud to support Kaye's, which delivers such high standards of education for the local area.
In support of the Headteacher, volunteer Governors have a valuable role in representing the views of parents as Kaye's meets new challenges and continues to improve.
With such highly motivated and dedicated staff, Kaye's provides a happy, safe and caring environment for children to learn and play. 
I hope that you find the website useful and further information is available by contacting Kaye's direct or by emailing one of the governors at the below address.


Chair of the Governing Body

Email: governors@kayesfirst.co.uk

Meeting Dates

Full Governing Body Meetings 6pm - 8pm
Thursday 21st November 2019
Thursday 23rd January 2020
Thursday 12th March 2020
Thursday 7th May 2020
Thursday 18th June 2020
Wednesday 8th July 2020

Standards & Effectiveness Committee Meetings 6pm - 7:30pm

Thursday 10th October 2019
Thursday 12th December 2019
Thursday 13th February 2020
Thursday 2nd April 2020
Thursday 21st May 2020

Finance & Resources Committee Meetings 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Thursday 10th October 2019
Thursday 12th December 2019
Thursday 13th February 2020
Thursday 2nd April 2020
Thursday 21st May 2020
  Governor   Category   Specific Responsibilities
  Mrs J Dearnley   Headteacher  
  Mrs E Firth   Staff  
  Mr B Sloan   Parent   Website Compliance/Teaching & Learning/English/DT
  Miss H Biver   Parent   Behaviour/Science/RE
  Mrs K North   Co-opted   Vice-Chair/Safeguarding/PSHE/Computing
  Ms C Lockwood   Co-opted   Chair of Governors/Wellbeing/Curriculum/Maths
  Mrs S Spence   Co-opted   Governor Training/Wellbeing/Art & Design
  Mr C Bonham   Co-opted   Health & Safety/Early Years/Geography/Music
  Ms Kate Stead   Co-opted   PE/Sports Premium/History
  Mr B Bailey   Co-opted   Early Years
  Mrs P Reynolds   Co-opted   SEND/Leadership & Management/MFL
  Vacancy   Co-opted  
  Vacancy   LA  


  Governor   Appointing Body   Term of Office
  Mrs J Dearnley   Governing Body   1st September 2020
  Mr C Bonham   Governing Body   10th April 2017 - 9th April 2021
  Mrs E Firth   Staff   10th October 2019 - 9th October 2023
  Ms C Lockwood   Governing Body   3rd May 2017 - 2nd May 2021
  Mr B Sloan   Parents   12th September 2019 - 11th September 2023
  Miss H Biver   Parents   2nd December 2019 - 1st December 2023
  Mrs S Spence   Governing Body   9th July 2019 - 8th July 2023
  Mrs K North   Governing Body   22nd February 2018 - 21st February 2022
  Mr B Bailey   Governing Body   12th September 2019 - 11th September 2023
  Mrs P Reynolds   Governing Body   2nd October 2019 - 1st October 2023
  Ms Kate Stead   Governing Body   10th December 2019 - 9th December 2023
  Vacancy   Governing Body  
  Vacancy   LA  


  Governor   Committees they serve on...
  Mrs J Dearnley   Finance & Resources/Standards & Effectiveness
  Mr C Bonham   Finance & Resources
  Mrs S Spence   Finance & Resources
  Ms C Lockwood   Finance & Resources
  Mrs K North   Standards & Effectiveness
  Mr B Bailey   Finance & Resources
  Mr B Sloan   Standards & Effectiveness
  Mrs E Firth   Standards & Efectiveness
  Mrs P Reynolds   Standards & Effectiveness
  Miss H Biver   Standards & Effectiveness
  Ms K Stead   Finance & Resources
  Business Manager   Finance & Resources


Staff Dismissal Committee
Mr C Bonham
Mrs K North
Dismissal Appeals Committee
Ms C Lockwood
Mrs P Reynolds
Mr B Sloan
Teacher Appraisal Committee/Performance Management Committee
Mr C Bonham
Ms C Lockwood
Complaints/Pupil Discipline Committee
Mr C Bonham
Mrs P Reynolds

Parent Governors

Parents of pupils at the school, elected by the parents. Any parent or person with parental responsibility, or carer of a registered pupil of the school at the time of the election is eligible to stand for election as a parent governor.

LA Governors

Nominated by the LA. There is one place on the governing body.

Co-opted Governors (Community Governors)

Appointed by the governing body. The number on governing body set up in the reconstitution.

Staff Governors

Head teacher plus 1 member of staff elected by all the staff at the school.

Associate Members

Appointed by the governors for 1-4 years.  


Instrument of Government

This is the legal document which sets out the make-up of the governing body. As of the 15th January 2015 this document states that, Kaye’s First & Nursery School governing body  shall consist of a total of 13 governors:  1 Head Teacher, 2 Parent governors, 1 LA governor, 1 Staff governor  and 8 Co-opted governors

What do Governors do?

What is a governor?

School governors come from every walk of life. No matter what type of governor, each have the same role and responsibilities and are charged with acting in the best interests of the children in the school. Being a governor involves time, energy and a willingness to become involved in the life of the school on a regular basis over at least four years.

The different types of governors represent the school stakeholders and provide different perspectives. But they are not ‘delegates’ of these stakeholders and are not there to act in the interests of any one group. A parent governor is a representative parent, not a parent representative, although clearly, they are well placed to alert the governing body to any parental concerns. They are one of 300,000 governors in England forming one of the largest volunteer forces in the country.

Purpose of the governing body

The governing body is the school’s accountable body. It is responsible for the conduct of the school and for promoting high standards. The governing body aims to ensure that children are attending a successful school which provides them with a good education and supports their health and well-being.

Governors should act, at all times, with honesty and integrity and be ready to explain their actions and decisions to staff, pupils, parents and anyone with a legitimate interest in the school. They should both challenge and support the school.

They should set the strategic direction of the school by:

  • setting the values, aims and objectives for the school
  • agreeing the policy framework for achieving those aims and objectives
  • setting the statutory targets and
  • agreeing the school improvement strategy which includes approving the budget and agreeing the staffing structure.

They should challenge and support the school by monitoring, reviewing and evaluating:

  • the implementation and effectiveness of the policy framework
  • progress towards targets
  • the implementation and effectiveness of the school improvement strategy and
  • the budget and staffing structure.

They should ensure accountability by:

  • signing off the Self-Evaluation form (SEF) [This is very useful in Ofsted terms but no longer a compulsory document.]
  • responding to Ofsted reports when necessary
  • holding the headteacher to account for the performance of the school.
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