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Year 1

Who works in Year One:

Miss Wood (Class teacher) (Mon – Weds)

Mrs Boothroyd (Class teacher) (Thurs – Fri)

Mrs Dewhurst (Teaching Assistant – mornings)

Mrs Sloan (One to one support – mornings)

Miss Pemberton (One to one support – afternoons)

Mrs Fisher (Computing – Mon afternoon)


Welcome to Year 1.

In Year 1 we hope that every child will come to school happy, develop a love for learning and enjoy themselves. We have both had many years teaching experience in KS1 and work closely together to provide a strong team so that each child will make progress throughout the year and that the needs of every child are met.

In Year 1 we support the children in their transition from reception and gradually introduce a more structured style of learning, whilst still offering a curriculum which the children can enjoy, be creative and access the outdoors. Year 1 is a crucial year in your child’s development and one in which we hope you will see significant progress being made. We encourage the children to become more independent learners, try new things and achieve their best.

Each morning the children are taught Phonics, English and Mathematics. In the afternoons we engage in Topic work, PE, RE and PSHE.  We aim to hear each child read independently at least once a week, more if time allows but introduce group guided reading sessions as we move through the year. We cannot stress the importance of reading with your child at home. Encouraging your child to read a range of books and listen to a bedtime story can make a HUGE difference to your child’s progress in school. Reading is the pathway to become a more confident, independent learner. We really hope your child will enjoy being in Year 1.

Thank You

Miss Wood and Mrs Boothroyd

Year 1(1)
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