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Meet the Staff

Miss J Horner

Nursery Teacher/EYFS Leader


Mrs S Wybrow

Senior Early Years Practitioner


For many children coming to nursery is their first step into education and for some, their first time away from home.  As a team, we work closely with parents and carers aiming to build strong, positive and secure relationships with each child and their family as we support their children in becoming confident and independent individuals who value themselves and treat others with care and respect.

  • In our nursery, we aim to provide a warm, calm and caring environment for our children, where they feel happy, safe and secure.  Where they develop a sense of belonging and grow in confidence.
  • As active young learners, our nursery children enjoy playing and exploring both indoors and outdoors.
  • Through a broad range of planned teaching, child initiated and adult led experiences, we encourage our children to become enthusiastic and motivated learners, confident in developing their own ideas and following their individual interests.
  • We believe that our children learn and develop in a well-planned and organised environment, which offers stimulating and rich play opportunities, encourages independence and supports young children’s own efforts and achievements.
  • We place great emphasis on ‘how’ children learn as well as ‘what’ they learn and aim to foster an environment where a positive mind-set is encouraged through focussing on the processes that children go through rather than the end result or end product.
  • We aim to provide a positive learning environment which encourages our young children to interact with each other and the adults around them through opportunities to talk, listen and share thoughts and ideas, encouraging children to value each other’s thoughts and ideas as well as their own.
  • The characteristics of effective learning, and the principles of ‘The Early Years Foundation Stage’, play a fundamental part in the organisation, planning, observation and teaching in our nursery.
  • In addition we believe that the adult’s role in our setting is to model, encourage, question, challenge and support as they observe, teach, guide and interact with each child, encouraging a ‘can do’ attitude for all.
  • We value the partnership between home and school and the learning and development which takes place in both settings.  As such, we encourage parents and carers to contribute to our observations and planning through opportunities to communicate their child’s achievements, interests and activities.  We also provide opportunities for parents and carers to share in the progress and achievements of their child at school through informal and formal chats.
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