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Year 4

All the adults working in Year 4 aim to create an exciting and lively learning environment.  We give children the opportunities to work collaboratively and by themselves. Lessons are planned so that all children see success and make progress. We endeavour to plan activities that spark the children’s imagination and we encourage children to develop a real love for learning. We encourage children to have a growth mindset and for them to take risks, be resilient, determined and hardworking.  It is of the upmost importance that children are happy, confident individuals who love coming to school.

In Year 4 we aim to develop an ethos where all children and their ideas and opinions are valued. We love children to share their news from home and for us to celebrate their achievements from out of school. 

During Year 4 we explore a wide range of topics including: The Blitz, Burps, Bottoms and Bile, Ancient Egypt, Blue Abyss, Crime and Punishment and Rivers. (These are subject to change, depending on the interests of the class). The topics involve cross-curricular learning, making the topics exciting and meaningful. We will also use the children’s own interests and hobbies for a vehicle for learning. Themed days and school trips will be organised to support the children in their learning.

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